Community Meetings

Round 1: Fall/Winter 2010-11

Between September 2010 and January 2011, visioning meetings were held in 26 communities. Small teams consisting of one or two commissioners, BBNA project staff, and facilitators from the Alaska public policy and management consulting firm of Information Insights, traveled throughout the region to meet with residents. In each community, participants responded to an identical set of questions designed to encourage meaningful dialog and to track opinions across the region in a consistent format.
To ensure every participant had an equal voice in the conversation, Consensor™ audience polling was used to capture individual responses to questions. Participants used handheld keypads to vote for their first, second and, in  some cases, third priorities from a set of choices developed by commissioners and project staff. Meeting facilitators then  engaged community members in discussions about key issues.
Nearly 1,400 participants attended the community meetings. Every age group was well represented, with the greatest participation (23 percent) among residents 46 to 55 years of age, followed by 16 percent aged 56 to 65. The lowest participation rate (9 percent) was for residents over age 65. Forty-five percent of participants were male, and 55 percent female. Commissioners also met with secondary school students in four communities to hear about their values, hopes and visions for the future.
Project teams left behind paper surveys so those who missed the community meeting could mail in their viewpoints. An online survey was also available to residents of the region who could not attend a local meeting. Polling results and summaries of community conversations were posted throughout the project here at

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Round 2: Spring 2011

Following the first round of meetings, commissioners met in Anchorage with project staff and consultants from Information Insights to review the findings and draft a Vision statement that reflected the shared hopes and values expressed by Bristol Bay residents from across the region.
Commissioners returned to communities in the spring to share the Vision and discuss how best to implement it in the community and the region. Audience polling was again used to gather input on the best actions to take in five key areas identified in the Vision: Safe and Healthy Families, Subsistence, Education, Economic Development and Fostering Cooperation. Choices offered within each area were taken from the suggestions made by Bristol Bay residents during the first round of community meetings.
Following the second round of meetings,  members of the Bristol Bay Regional Vision commission again met to consider what they had heard. They drafted recommendations for implementing the Vision, based on findings from the entire process. They forwarded their recommendations to the Bristol Bay Partnership.

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