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Bristol Bay Regional Vision Statement

The foundation of the Bristol Bay Region is committed families, connected to our land and waters.

We believe future generations can live healthy and productive lives here. Across our region, we share common values of community, culture, and subsistence.

We see a future of educated, creative people who are well prepared for life. This requires:

  • Excellent schools
  • Safe and healthy families
  • Local jobs
  • Understanding our cultural values and traditions

We assert the importance of local voices in managing our natural resources to continue our way of life.

We welcome sustainable economic development that advances the values of Bristol Bay people. Our future includes diverse economic opportunities in businesses and industries based largely on renewable resources. Large development based on renewable and non-renewable resources must not threaten our land, our waters, or our way of life.

We foster cooperation among local and regional entities to coordinate infrastructure planning for stronger, more affordable communities. Investments in energy, housing and transportation promote sustainable communities and spur economic development.

We recognize the need to locate new sources of capital to implement this vision with a goal of generating self-sustaining regional economies.

We are unified to secure a prosperous future.

—February 2011

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