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Ofi Olson, Dillingham

Hjalmer “Ofi” Olson has served as a Director of Bristol Bay Native Corporation (BBNC) since 1974. He retired as BBNC Board chair and president and chief executive officer in November 2008. Ofi serves on the Compensation and Audit Committees. During the last five years, he has worked as a commercial fisher and is currently retired.

Helen Gregorio, Togiak

Through my community work and education, including many trainings and conferences, I have developed some understanding of issues facing our communities and regions.  I believe our people and leaders need to be informed and be pro-active to move our communities forward. (more…)

John D. Nelson, Kokhanok

My name is John D. Nelson. I was born August 19, 1960 at Kanaknak Hospital in Dillingham.  I graduated from elementary school at Kokhanok, Alaska on May 23, 1975.  During my elementary education, I became involved with local village politics (more…)

Molly B. Chythlook, Dillingham

I have lived in Bristol Bay Region all my life, mostly in Aleknagik and 32 years in Dillingham. I amYup’ik and bilingual. From my work completing Baseline Surveys in Bristol Bay region during 26 years with ADF&G Subsistence Division, I have gained extensive knowledge about majority of the Bristol Bay communities. (more…)

Erin Peters, Naknek

I have lived in Naknek for 40 years. I love going camping in the fall. Visiting the grandkids and sewing. I have been married to Dale Peters for 30 year and have 2 grown boys, 1 grown stepdaughter, 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. (more…)

AlexAnna Salmon, Igiugig

AlexAnna Salmon was raised in the village of Igiugig. She is the granddaughter of John and Mary Olympic, and the second oldest of Dan and Julia Salmon. In 2008, she graduated from Dartmouth College with a dual Bachelor’s degree in Native American Studies and Anthropology. (more…)

Luki Akelkok, Ekwok

Luki Akelkok is an elder from Ekwok. He serves as president of the Ekwok Tribal Council and is a strong advocate for respecting the watershed and wildlife habitat. He serves on the Board of Directors of Bristol Bay Native Association, the Bristol Bay Housing Authority, and the Nushagak-Mulchatna Wood Tikchik Land Trust.